Corporate Social Responsibility

The LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship caters for the following:

  1. 100% Tuition and fees for the duration of study provided the student maintains good academic standing
  2. 100% Accommodation costs
  3. Transport costs to and from the educational institution at the beginning and end of each semester
  4. Purchase of essential materials for study as required by the educational institution
  5. An allowance per semester

The LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship

The LAPSSET Presidential scholarship falls in line with the presidential directive to invest in the education of the Lamu youth to ensure that the local community is actively involved in and stand to benefit from the implementation of the LAPSSET Corridor Mega projects.


Under the management of the LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCDA), the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship was initiated in February 2013 in conjunction with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Lamu County leaders. The scholarship seeks to enroll 200 Lamu youth each year and have them trained in mainly technical courses in line with the LAPSSET Project Components such as: Marine Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Nautical Engineering, Project Management, Port Management, Surveying etc. Additionally, the scholarship will cater for auxiliary services and industries such as: Human Resources, Medicine, Business Management, Economics and Information Technology.