Corporate Social Responsibility

The LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship caters for the following:

  1. 100% Tuition and fees for the duration of study provided the student maintains good academic standing
  2. 100% Accommodation costs
  3. Transport costs to and from the educational institution at the beginning and end of each semester
  4. Purchase of essential materials for study as required by the educational institution
  5. An allowance per semester

The LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship

The LAPSSET Presidential scholarship falls in line with the presidential directive to invest in the education of the Lamu youth to ensure that the local community is actively involved in and stand to benefit from the implementation of the LAPSSET Corridor Mega projects.


Under the management of the LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCDA), the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship was initiated in February 2013 in conjunction with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Lamu County leaders. The scholarship seeks to enroll 200 Lamu youth each year and have them trained in mainly technical courses in line with the LAPSSET Project Components such as: Marine Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Nautical Engineering, Project Management, Port Management, Surveying etc. Additionally, the scholarship will cater for auxiliary services and industries such as: Human Resources, Medicine, Business Management, Economics and Information Technology.


The main objectives of the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship Include;-

  1. To instill skills and competencies to the Lamu Youth enabling them to be industrious and employable, hence contributing to the social-economic development of the country.
  2. To expand the world view of the Lamu Youth by exposing them to the diverse cultures and regions, enhancing social integration.
  3. To empower the Youth through education in combating retrogressive culture such as early marriages, idleness, substance abuse as well as mitigate effects of radicalization.
  4. To foster goodwill from the local community in supporting of the LAPSSET Corridor Projects in Lamu
  5. To enhance public participation and inclusivity in the LAPSSET Corridor Program

Management of the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship Program

In the roll out plan of the Presidential Scholarship, it was agreed upon by both LCDA and the Lamu County Government that 200 students will be enrolled each year for five years totaling to 1,000 students absorbed into the scholarship Program. A Steering Committee was formed that comprises of the Lamu County Commissioner as the Chair, the Council Executive Member for education forms the secretariat and members are drawn from community and religious leaders.  To better manage this process, the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship Policy was established that ensured; –

  1. Free, fair and transparent processes observed in the implementation of the scholarship program.
  2. Equal distribution of the scholarship opportunities administratively, ensuring that all the 10 wards of Lamu County were considered
  3. Adherence to gender balance
  4. Protection of the underprivileged and that only deserving youth from the County were awarded with the scholarship
  5. Proper balance in terms of ethnicity and religion, to avoid political and society backlash
  6. Students performance and discipline is of high standards

The following are the steps taken during the enrollment process; –

  1. Advertising/public announcement

The enrollment process is first announced through mass media (local radio stations) barraza, website and social media. This provides an opportunity for all the Lamu residents to be informed and for all the eligible Lamu youth to participate in the process.

  1. Vetting of candidates

At this stage, verification of student identity cards and education certificates is done. This is to ensure that the candidates are from Lamu youth and that they have completed their KSCE with the required grades.

Further to this, eligible candidates are interviewed by teachers present, to determine their career goals, skill sets and match them with their qualifications to determine the best career choice. This information is captured, and a report is produced.

  1. Selection of eligible candidates

The Steering Committee members in the presence of LCDA officials review the report and select 200 students with strict adherence to the scholarship policy, ensuring equity, gender-ethnic & religious balance is adhered to as well as deserving candidates (very underprivileged and top performers) are selected. A report is produced and handed over to LCDA and the selected students are notified publicly.

  1. Students’ placement

Students, depending on the courses offered and level of study, are distributed across learning institutions within the country by LCDA. This distribution enhances social integration, culture exchange and promotion of the LAPSSET Corridor Program.

The Learning Institutions issue to the Authority, calling letters for each student and facilitates their receipt of the same.

  1. Commissioning and mentorship of selected students

LCDA facilitates a mentorship day, where all successful applicants assemble and are taken through the objectives and importance of the scholarship and what is required of all involved parties. Students motivation and encouragement to perform is focused on and thereafter they are commissioned by the County Commissioner to report to their respective Learning Institutions.

  1. Facilitation of students’ tuition fee and allowances

Once the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship beneficiaries have arrived at their respective Learning Institutions, these Learning Institutions formally confirm the presence of each student as well as provide invoices for tuition and accommodation allowance (where applicable). Being a full scholarship program, the Authority provides transport (to and from), subsistence and meal allowance.

  1. Monitoring of Students’ performance

The Authority through its officials handling the scholarship program, maintain strong relationships with the Learning Institutions and obtain reports on their semester attendance and performance. Furthermore, towards the end of every semester the Authority tours all Learning Institutions and engages with the administration and students with an aim of ensuring a smooth successful running of the scholarship program.


The LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship program intakes began in May 2014 and has had two intakes; 2014 and 2015 where 220 and 200 students were selected respectively in to the Scholarship program. Out of the selected students, 194 reported for the 2014 intake and 182 for the 2015 intake bringing to total 376 students enrolled in to the Scholarship program.

As of January 2020, a total of 356 students have successfully completed their Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses under the scholarship program.


Several impacts because of the LAPSSET Presidential Scholarship Program have been realized, these include; –

  1. Employment opportunities: some of graduated students under the scholarship program have been absorbed in to the job market, enabling them to earn a living and support their families
  2. Acquisition of skills: as a result of training under the scholarship program, the beneficiaries have been able to acquire skills in electrical wiring, news reporting, motor vehicle mechanics, welding, Marine engineering, supply chain & logistics etc. these skills have enabled the students to be industrious, solving problems and earning a living.
  3. Women empowerment: in many instances, the only option left for the young women after secondary studies was marriage and attending to house duties. However, the scholarship program brought in it an alternative, empowering women through education and they are better placed to participate more in nation building.