In March 2013, the LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCDA) was established through the Presidential Order Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 51, Legal Notice No. 58, The LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority Order 2013 to plan, coordinate and manage the implementation of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor.

The LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority is domiciled in the The Presidency in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Board of the Authority was Gazetted by H.E. the President on 1st March 2013.

  1. Plan, co-ordinate and sequence LAPSSET Corridor projects in collaboration with implementing ministries and agencies.
  2. Co-ordinate implementation of LAPSSET Corridor projects across implementing ministries and agencies.
  3. Provide leadership, direction, and guidance in operations and implementation of the LAPSSET Corridor.
  4. Ensure implementation of all decisions and resolutions of the Government.
  5. Mobilize funds to project components using a variety of resources including budgetary resources from Government, donor loans, infrastructure bonds and private finance.
  6. In collaboration with the relevant National and County Government department, build the capacity of LAPSSET Corridor towns to manage the urban growth resulting from LAPSSET Corridor investments.
  7. Promote the competitiveness and use of the LAPSSET Corridor for the transport of goods and people.
  8. Provide a forum for all stakeholders in the LAPSSET Corridor.

LAPSSET Corridor Project is the first largest Game Changer Infrastructure Project the government has initiated and prepared under Vision 2030 Strategy Framework, without external assistance and will have the following benefits:

1. Foster transport linkage between Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia.
2. Dynamic promotion of regional socio-economic development along the transport corridor especially in the Northern, Eastern, North-Eastern and Coastal parts of Kenya. Northern Corridor currently Kenya’s only economic corridor.
3. The LAPSSET Corridor Project covers over half of the country with a planned investment resource equivalent to half of Kenya’s GDP for the core investment alone. Conservative feasibility statistics shows that the project will inject between 2% to 3% of GDP into the economy.
4. Statistics estimate that contribution of the LAPSSET Corridor Project to the country’s economic growth might even range between 8% to 10% of GDP when generated and attracted investments finally come on board.

Former Director General/CEO, Silvester Kasuku together with LCDA Staff following receipt of the Africa Investor Award for Regional Infrastructure

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