AIRPORTSLamu, Isiolo and Turkana

International Airports: one each at Lamu, Isiolo, and Lake Turkana; as well as an intermediary airport in Lamu

Cost Estimate

  • Lamu International Airport – US$ 188 Million
  • Isiolo International Airport – US$ 175 Million
  • Turkana International Airport – US$ 143 Million

Economic Evaluation

  • Airport at Lamu has an EIRR of 20.7%, which indicates economic viability.
  • Airports at Isiolo and Turkana, however, need rehabilitation and maintenance of the existing airports. The maximum allowable costs are assessed to maintain the cut-off EIRR of 12%,

Financing Plan

  1. In consideration of public nature of an international airport, the basic civil facilities should be constructed, owned, and maintained by the Government of Kenya.
  2. The passenger and cargo terminals are better to be constructed, owned and operated by qualified private entities under the PPP Framework.

Current Status

  1. Intermediary Airports have been planned at the three locations to build up air transport and logistics business case for the International Airports.
  2. Preliminary facilities at Manda Airport in Lamu completed, including a 1 Km runway and terminal building.
  3. 3 Km runway completed in Isiolo. Construction works on the terminal building are complete, the Airport was commissioned in July 2017.
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