Crude Oil Pipeline from Juba (South Sudan) to Lokichar to Lamu

The Lokichar to Lamu Crude Oil Pipeline (LLCOP) is being developed by a consortium of the Government of Kenya and international oil companies developing the oil resources in the South Lokichar basin in Turkana.

The LLCOP will transport crude oil from South Lokichar to the coast at Lamu for export.  The pipeline will be buried to minimise disruption to land users and wildlife.

The LLCOP will be built within the LAPSSET Corridor. Land within the LAPSSET corridor will be acquired by the Ministry of Land and National Land Commission on behalf of the LCDA.

The Crude Oil Pipeline Pre-Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies were completed in 2015 and a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) signed in 2017 between the Government of Kenya and Upstream Investors (Tullow Oil Company, Africa Oil and Total). The Front-End Engineering Designs (FEED) and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies were also completed in 2019.

Crude Oil Pipeline Route
Crude Oil Pipeline Route

Stakeholder Engagement

The LLCOP project management team is committed to engaging with potentially affected communities and other stakeholders.

Copies of the reports from recent stakeholder engagement meetings held as part of the scoping process for the ESIA can be found below:

Contact the Pipeline Project Management Team

The Pipeline Project Management Team can be contacted at the following email address:

Comments related to the ESIA can be addressed to the ESIA consultant:

Mr. James Kambo


Tel: +254 736 100 205
+254 020 3876512

The PPMT and the ESIA consultant will respond to all comments received provided that contact details are provided.

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