Isiolo - Moyale Road
Isiolo - Moyale Road

A section of the 505 Km Isiolo to Moyale highway at the Wamba Junction.

Inter-regional Highways from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba (South Sudan), Isiolo to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and Lamu to Garsen (Kenya)


The LAPSSET Corridor Highways connect Lamu Port to landlocked Ethiopia and South Sudan, enabling movement of people and cargo along the LAPSSET Corridor, interconnecting the region, spurring regional trade and economic development.

The Main LAPSSET Corridor Roads include; –

  1. Lamu Port access road (10km)
  2. Lamu-Witu Garsen road (113km)
  3. Lamu-Garisa-Isiolo road (530km)
  4. Isiolo-Moyale-Hawassa road (505km)
  5. Isiolo- Lokichar – Nadapal – Torit – Juba Road (700km)

Cost Estimate

  • The total construction cost  for the highway is estimated at US$ 1,396 million

Economic Evaluation

  • Highway has an EIRR of 12.9% for the total length of 920km from Lamu to Lokichar.

Financing Plan

  1. The Project is being financed through a combination of Public/Private Finance and Operations undertaken by the Private Sector

Current Status

  1. The Isiolo – Marsabit – Moyale (505km) section is 100% complete while the 338 km section between Lokichar – Lodwar – Nakodok is under construction (5 Lots) and is expected to be complete by end of 2021.
  2. The Isiolo-Moyale-Hawassa road section is complete while the construction of the Moyale Hawassa (Ethiopian side) is well in progress.
  3. The Isiolo – Lokichar 368km section final detailed engineering designs and ESIA have been completed.
  4. The construction of the 115km Lamu – Witu – Garsen road commenced in March, 2017 and is approximately 76% complete and is expected to be completed by June 2021.
  5. The construction of the Lamu – Garissa – Isiolo road is a priority deliverable since it is the most efficient offtake route.


  1. Works on the 505Km Isiolo to Moyale section is complete.
  2. Construction works on the One-Stop Border Post at Moyale is complete.
  3. The road infrastructure spans from Lamu to Moyale and Nakodok through Isiolo.
  4. The Government has provided funds for the opening of the 280km Lamu – Garissa to gravel standard.

Immediate Benefits

  • Travel time between Moyale (Kenya/Ethiopia border town) and Nairobi reduced from about 3 days down to 10 hours. Previously, bus travelers made two night stopovers during the journey from Moyale to Nairobi. The first at Marsabit and the second at Isiolo, arriving in Nairobi on the evening of the third day.
  • Increased response by government institutions in the delivery of public services including security
  • Stabilization of security among communities residing along the road has significantly increased. Inter-community conflicts have since reduced to almost nil.
  • Increased commodity supply and economic trade into the region.
  • Increased market access to goods and livestock produced from the region.

Cargo traffic

Some of the immediate cargo transported through the LAPSSET Corridor are as follows:

  • Assorted minerals from Kenya
  • Agricultural products from Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan
  • Industrial products from Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Livestock and Fish products from Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan
  • Imported vehicles to Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan
  • Imported industrial parts
  • Crude Oil from Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda
  • Industrial outputs from the Lamu Special Economic Zone
  • Product Oil to Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan
  • Recently discovered Copper will use the railway to transport the metal to Lamu for export
  • Transshipment cargo will grow significantly considering that Lamu port will be the largest port of call in the East Coast of Africa. Much of this cargo will be transported inland via the railway line.
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